Divadlo kouzel Pavla Kožíška


Totally original and unique theater, which the Czech Republic is unparalleled.

In addition to programs for children, which together with magician Paul teaches fur on stage and bar, a pilot introduction of theater spectacular show MAGIC ESA.Strhující show with a series of original surprises and most successful illusion. It is the only show of its kind in the country and is intended for the whole family. At large "copperfieldovských illusions" next world champion of the World Cup entertainers, illusionist Paul Kožíšek present in unexpected roles leading Czech models. Enjoy a four-meter chute of time, which transforms the character of an adult child in a small, mysterious mind-reading audience in, dangerous penetration giant fan sorceress firing of a cannon and a number of other grand illusions full of great fun!


Magic Aces is a performance tailor-made Magic Theater and viewers can therefore be seen only on the theater scene.

Divadlo kouzel Pavla Kožíška
Mírové nám. 44, Líbeznice u Prahy