Have you already found your preferred performance? Click on the „BUY TICKETS“ icon and continue with choosing the seat. After you finish the operation, tickets will be added to your virtual cart. You will be then moved automatically to your virtual cart. You can also  click on the icon at the upper right corner of the page to go there. IF any discount for tickets is avaiable, you may also use it when u pay by vouchers.

There is possibility to use the services of Twisto. The company will pay for your order and you will receive  eTicket and invoice to your e-mail address. The invoice is due in 14 days.

We also offer options to pay with the Benefit Plus and Gallery Beta benefit cards.

For more information about your payment options please continue here.

If you choose Twisto Payment, you submit your data and Twisto pays your order immediately. The tickets will be available right away. Then Twisto sends you an invoice and you have 14 days to pay it. This kind of order is obligatory and it is not a reservation of the tickets.

There is a long list of these vouchers but our company cooperates so far with Gallery beta and Benefit plus vouchers only. You can pay by these online in the same way as when paying by a card on a payment gateway. You type a number of a card, confirm by a verify code and done. Although, mentioned payment methods cannot be used at sale points. There is needed to have cash or a payment card eventually.

If the payment was realised by a card online on a payment gateway, you’ll receive eTickets immediately into your email. If you realised the payment by a bank transfer, its processing may take up to 3 days. Then, you will receive an email with the confirmation of receiving the payment as well as eTickets.

Of course, we do. You find our gift certificates of various values here and it is possible to use them online on all events from our offer. They are valid for 12 months since purchased.

At first, please check your SPAM or bulk mail. If you cannot find the tickets there, open the webpage where you made your order and sign into the section "My Account". You submit your email, if you don’t know your password, click on "Send again".  Then, you will receive a password into your email. After you sign in, you’ll see your order and the option to print the tickets. Can you not see your purchase there? Call us and we will be happy to help you with it. It could happen that a wrong email was submitted or a purchase was realised on another website.

Mostly we can. Call us and we will find together required performance and we will book you particular seats for 3 days. Then, you can go with the reservation number to any sales points and buy tickets there. However, if the date of the performance in upcoming days or the organizer doesn’t allow a reservation to be made, there is no other choice then buy a ticket online or on a sales point without a reservation in advance.

It is always better to have eTickets printed and a black and white version is absolutely sufficient. You’ll make a check-in at an event quicker. Every eTicket is printed on a A4 format page and it is valid complete only. Do not cut it anywhere! If you don’t have a possibility of the print, it’s enough to show it on your mobile phone. A supervisor will manage that.

Unfortunately not. We see in the system the same as you and if the event is sold out, we don’t have any "aside". We believe that you can choose something different from our offer. You can find more information regarding our complete offer here.

You can go to any sales points. There is no need to choose it in advance. Then, you just say you reservation number or order number. You find sales points here.

It always depends on the organizer. If a discount is possible, it’ll show to you in Step 2 of the order (in the cart) the button "Choose your discount". We mostly mention discounts in the description of the event itself too. You just click and see what discounts are available.

It’s quite unpleasant situation and we understand that it may happen. In that case, send us your application for duplicate to email info@colosseumticket.cz. Send as well the order number and the confirmation of the payment. We will ask the organizer whether approves reprint. If yes, the ticket will be reprinted to you at the same cash desk as the original. A copy will be labelled as a duplicate and if there are the original tickets at the event as well, they will be prioritized! The usher in the theatre has no room for solving why duplicates have been printed. Did you know that tickets are stamps and they are needed to be treated like that?

According to Terms & Conditions it is not possible to return or swap tickets. Anyway, you may try to send us your application to email info@colosseumticket.cz and we will try to ask the organizer for exception. Don’t forget to write to the mail your order number or tickets number so we can find the purchase according to that.

Yes, but in this case it is needed to realise the payment by a bank transfer. Make a reservation with a type of payment by a bank transfer but don’t pay it. Consequently, send us an email to info@colosseumticket.cz invoice details and the number of reservation and we will release for you a deposit invoice. After you pay it, a final invoice will be sent to you. For orders paid by a card online, you will find in the section "My account" a receipt, an invoices is not released for them.

You cannot find performances for schools in our offer. In that case, contact always an organizer who you would like to visit directly.

One of the possibilities is to make more orders. Another possibility is to contact us at +420 277 012 677 or email to info@colosseumticket.cz and we will make you a reservation for a larger number of seats.

This performance is included within one of our subscriptions which is offered by a theatre. Unfortunately, the tickets for a particular performance are not possible to be purchased individually. You can find a Prescriptions bookmark on the top of our homepage and you can then choose the whole package of events.

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