Rock Opera Prague

Oidipus Tyranus

A rock opera about the inevitability of human destiny according to Sophocles' ancient tragedy.


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4:00 PM

RockOpera Praha

Praha 7 - Holešovice

399 - 1099 CZK


About performance

Oedipus Tyrannus is based in ancient city Thebes, mythical hero Oedipus defeated sphinx and became a king of Thebes, now he face another challenge when he has to save city from plague. Prophecy says "to blame is crime and incest comitted in this city".

Rock opera Oedipus Tyrannus opens trilogy set in ancient Greece, is full of rock ballads and melodies, its sequel Seven Against Thebes is often described as first czech metal opera. Final part Antigone was written first and stays true to the genre of opera.


Jan Toužimský
Lukáš Písařík
Kamil Střihavka
Jiří Zonyga
Viktor Dyk
Pavla Forest
Josef Šutara

and others.

Length 145 minutes
Wheelchair access
Milan Steigerwald
Pavla Forest
Stage director
Roman Štolpa

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