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The corsair fighting for freedom!


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6:30 PM

Divadlo Jiřího Myrona


340 - 420 CZK


About the performance

English poet Lord George Gordon Byron, one of the main figures of Romantism, wrote a romantic short story poem The Corsair (1814) set in an exotic oriental environment, in which he depicted heroes opposing the world, tyranny, or conventions. The story is based on a legend about an angry privateer sailing across oceans to find his love, who was kidnapped by a slave trader.

Captain Le Fola’s crew hoisted the sails to take us to places where ship of dreadful corsair called La-Mort-Rouge (Red Death) sails with its secret. His story is developed on a background full of fights between sea robbers and privateers.

Classical style enriched by new enthusiasm is what creates the choreography.

Length 150 minutes
Wheelchair access
Libretto / stage director
Céline Barcaroli
Libretto / stage director
Michel Bejar
Adolphe Adam
Joris Barcaroli
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