The Kutná Hora International Music Festival - 2021


The complete 32 Piano Sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) – Programme V


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5:00 PM

Kostel sv. Jana Nepomuckého

Kutná Hora

300 - 300 CZK



“I´m not content with my output so far. From now on I wish to embark on a new road.” These words, uttered by Beethoven immediately after finishin his Op. 28, have been copiously quoted. Is there, then, something new to be found in his subsequent sonatas? Indeed, the composer´s Opus 31, and in it notably its centrepiece, the Sonata in D minor “Tempest”, attests to a new type of sonata emerging here, evolving towards larger scale and characterized by heightened inner tension. On the plane of form, too, a stricter set of rules is introduced, assigning a nereky secondary role to compositional imagination. The Sonata in D minor, Op. 31, No. 2, occupies a position exactly in the middle of Beethoven´s sonata output, and epitomizes his mastery consisting in originality of ideas, profundity of content, and clarity of form. Here is a work of far-reaching significance for music of the 19th century at large.

Continuing organically along the same lines, the Sonata, Op. 53 is a work of monumental reach, virtuoso and grandiose. Perhaps no other Beethoven sonata is quite so unreservedly accomplished. It resembles a classical ancient temple firmly propped up by its columns and towering to breathtaking heights. Beethoven dedicated it to Count Waldstein, a friend and patron.


Sonata for Piano No. 21 in C major, Op. 53 “Waldstein”

I. Allegro con brio
II. Introduzione. Adagio molto
III. Rondo. Allegretto moderato – Prestissimo

Sonata for Piano No. 16 in G major, Op. 31, No. 1

I. Allegro vivace
II. Adagio grazioso
III. Rondo. Allegretto


Sonata for Piano No. 17 in D minor, Op. 31, No. 2 “Tempest”

I. Largo – Allegro
II. Adagio
III. Allegretto

Sonata for Piano No. 18 in E flat major, Op. 31, No. 3

I. Allegro
II. Scherzo. Allegretto vivace
III. Menuetto. Moderato e grazioso
IV. Presto con molto fuoco


Konstantin Lifschitz – piano

Length 120 minutes
Ludwig van Beethoven